I shot my first IPSC match in 1979 and was hooked.  Back then, the emphasis was on practical.  I used a stock Colt Gold Cup and PMC hard ball ammo.  The gun worked fine and soon I bought another 1911, an off-brand frame and old Colt slide.  The gun never worked so I had a local gunsmith do reliability work on it, and it wouldn't make it through one magazine without a malfunction.  I saw the need for someone who really understood the 1911 to do work on my guns.

The next seven years I worked as a commercial photographer doing product illustration, so I had an eye for detail.  I was unhappy with the work other smiths had done on my 1911's, so in 1986 I decided to customize my own 1911 with the help of my friend, Bob Rector, a very talented machinist and already a hobbyist gunsmith.  I started building guns for friends and local competitive shooters in Washington State.

From 1989 to 1993 I worked as a fugitive apprehension specialist and ran my shop part time.  In early 1993 I went full time as a custom pistolsmith.  With my background in competition and real world carry, as well as my passion for perfection, I build pistols the way I believe they should be built-reliable, accurate, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to shoot.

My shop is not a production shop.  Each pistol is specifically customized for the individual with every attention to detail, which the owner can carry and shoot with confidence and pride.

-Mark Morris

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