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Huey - To Be Remembered

William Slusher (guy with the .38 in a crotch holster), he is also an author of interesting novels like, “For Whom to Die”.

In the future "the world will little note nor long remember" the UH-1 nor in time we who flew it, but so many of us will never forget the ugly, slow, unglamorous 'Huey' that came to be so pivotal in aviation history, that will forever be the hallmark sound of the Vietnam war, and which probably saved more lives by medevac than any other aircraft ever made.

So long Huey, you done good ...

- Bill/Skip/Dad/Popop

Hunting 2010

Not a trophy to most but me, it is fantastic and a decent shot from 396 yards, lasered from both sides.

Roberto's first deer and its a beast....

Mike Goldbach's & Michael Zeimantz Antelope

Hunting 2009

Markus, Great shooter at 12!
90 yards uphill, quartering away at a trot, through the trees, kneeling,
.243 w/80 grain PLHP @ 3300fps, one shot, went 10 yards and piled up.


Hunting 2006

Hunting with Mike G.
Drinking Fresh Coffee

First chance to use
Jerry Fisk Knife
Hunting with Mike G.

Markus' First Deer

Proud Papa of 9 year old


Results from Montana 2003

Prairie Dog 278 Yards with
Morris Custom 10mm Carry Comp
Prairie Dog 248 Yards with
Morris Custom Officer's ACP
Prairie Dog 173 Yards with
Morris Custom 10mm Carry Comp

Hunting Season!

Opening Day Limit
Amy with her first deer
Customer's Whitetail
Customer Dr. Tony B with Mulie
Customer Dr. Tony B with
VERY Big game

Results from recent trip to Montana

Prairie Dog 98 Yards with
MCP Tactical Elite Colt 10mm

Prairie Dog 147 Yards with
MCP Lightly Customized
Colt Delta Elite

Prairie Dog 55 Yards with
MCP Tactical Elite Colt 10mm


Badger 550 Yards,
Simultaneous Hits from
Rock River Arms 20" Varmint Rifle and Colt Accurized AR-15


Shooting Buddies










From Previous Outings

Rock Chuck AR-15

Rock Chuckin' with a
Morris Custom Tactical Elite Officer's ACP

Rock Chuck


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