New Match 10mm barrels made for me by Kart.
Shallow chambered and oversized for fitting.
I have only 4 available at,
$175.00 each shipped!

Morris designed compensator for IPSC/IDPA or carry guns.
Threaded 575/40 and sized for 9mm to be reamed for larger calibers.
$89.95 and $7.50 shipping.
Very limited supply.

Morris stainless match barrel for a Para P-12 $175.00 shipped

Available in black or with two tritium dots

New, Morris TKO Rear Sight

I have used other sights for a very long time and have been happy with them to a point but there were some areas that I felt needed to be addressed and I decided to build my own sight that met my criteria. I wanted a sight that could withstand harsh and hard environments, so I made my sights from bar-stock steel that could be heat-treated to a point where they were neither brittle nor prone to damage from life in the real world.

The TKO has a .130 wide rear notch for faster front sight acquisition and a sight picture area that is under cut at 1 degree to give a great sight picture even when direct light is overhead. The rear blade area is longer or thicker front to back to accommodate Tritium tubes for the night sight version with the additional benefit of extra protection for the Tritium. The sides of the sight blade are rounded for smooth, snag free carry and to protect the shooter's hands.

The TKO is over built but at the same time the lines are thought out and designed to look graceful on a 1911 slide. They are available as a direct replacement for slides with the Heinie and Novak sight cuts.


The Morris TKO

These sights are the most correct sight available, developed for use in the  most demanding of situations.  They are tough and offer a superior sight picture and yet are made to fit the profile of the 1911 and look in place. They are also available in the three dot style with two tritium dots in the rear sight. Just remove your Heinie or Novak sights and install these for a fantastic sight picture.

All TKO sights, both plain black and night sights are in stock.

Price is $49.95 


The Morris TKO Night Sight

Two Tritium dots for a three dot sight system.  These sights are a direct replacement for the
Heinie sight cuts for those who prefer the tried and true three dot system with the .130 rear notch
 for a quick and accurate sight picture. Again, these sights are heat treated for durability and long
life and designed to  protect the sight picture.


Price is $98.95 


The Morris Magwell for the 1911

I am now offering a custom magwell of my own design.

These magwells are designed for easy installation by a gunsmith or machinist.  They require only one setup in the vice of the mill, with only the changing of cutters to machine. They can be welded, or silver soldered into place for the very cleanest of installations. There are no screw holes to align and tap, and no screw heads and plates to mill out the grips for.

This means your grips will be stronger, and less prone to splitting. The 60-degree bevel makes mag changes faster and the weld/silver solder on design, makes the finished product one of the same piece feel and a more aesthetically pleasing, stronger unit.

Price is $74.95

The Morris Strong Grip for the 1911

Price is $74.95

The Morris Magwell and Strong Grip combo


Price is $154.95



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