New Message To My Customers:

Morris Custom Pistols is taking custom orders.

Morris Custom Pistols is also taking orders on pistols listed on the Available Pistols page. If you have a question on what I will have available, call and e-mail with all your info and I will get back to you.
Mark Morris

Super Rare Colt Delta 10MM

Finish is Birdsong Black and Green “T”.
Full Tactical Elite treatment.
Built for Dr. Anthony Bucolo

Custom Colt Lightweight Officer’s Model

.45acp with full Tactical Elite/Heirloom Package
Finished in Birdsong, Black “T”.  Classic beauty
Small, Light, with a Large .45acp Punch

Built for customer,  M.B. MD.

Colt Series 70 Stainless

Colt Series 80, 1991A1

Colt Delta Elite

This is gun is one of the most accurate 10mm Colts that I have built.

SERIES 70 .45 in Stainless with a match .22 top end.






360 361



Tactical Carry Package on Springfield Armory

Tactical Carry Package on Springfield Armory


Morris Custom Pistols is a one-man shop.  I am dedicated to building the most accurate, reliable and aesthetically pleasing 1911 pistols available.

My shop is true custom shop.  Each pistol is crafted by me to my expectations of what  functional art should be.  This is not a production "custom" shop.  Nothing is mass produced.  Time is what makes the difference  between a good gun and a great gun.  And I take the time to build great guns.

I am a fanatic about detail and that is why my pistols stand out when compared to the rest.  In some cases my work costs more; that's because I take the extra time to make sure the fit is the best to be had.  There is never going to be a compromised, "that's good enough," pistol leaving my shop.  You, my customer, are guaranteed to have the best.

All  work is performed on new or stock condition Colt, Springfield, McCormick/STI, and quality frame and slide sets.  All packages can be performed on aluminum alloy frame guns.

I do not do partial customization such as: fitting beaver tails, sights, etc.  I only build complete guns.  I do not work on guns that have been previously worked on.

A minimum deposit of 50% of total is due at the time order is placed if work is to be done on customer supplied gun.

"The Ferrari of handguns, hand-built for high performance." - Massad Ayoob

"Mark Morris, is a man of pride and skill. This man builds handguns - a personal weapon of molded and manipulated steel, precisely for you. In short, something very, very special." - Clint Smith


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